Stop, Collaborate & Listen.

Stop Collaborate & Listen

The age of stupidity, ignorance and blindness is upon us.

Buying will make you happy. Don’t think about where the fuel comes from that runs your car, heats or cools your house, or perhaps blends your Basil. Just think about the Hiltons, the Kardashians, Kanye, Beiber and the myriad of other relatively useless human beings. Keep yourself fixated on what could be, if only you had that Rolex, if only you had that car, if only you could pay off your mortgage (literally, in Old French death pledge) that you really don’t need, the one that’s costing you your life and livelihood, the same one that’s costing the planet.

What will our grandchildren say? What will we have left for them? Are we not in the age of information? So as the saying goes; In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. Therefore I think it’s fair to say it’s well and truly time to stop this nonsense. Cease this silly behaviour immediately!

How to wake us all? How to stop ourselves from drinking the liquor that poisons our minds, that stops us from fully forming the picture that robs us all? How to stop you, me, anyone from believing the hype? The fucking reality t.v. programs that stop you from looking out your window at actual reality. The job outside of town you thought you needed because t.v., advertising, media in general and society told you you needed. The same job that forces you  to buy a car to commute so you can work this ‘dream job’ to pay off the car you just bought. “Just a few more years,” you keep telling yourself “then I’ll have it, I’ll have enough.” But it’ll never be enough. Not until you wake up, and then it’s too too much.

Are you?

I know it may not seam wholly constructive or even remotely intelligent to you, but fuck it. Fuck it all. Forget about it. It’s useless. Worse that useless; it’s pointless. All this… this calamitous behaviour. They say there’s only two certainties in life; Death and taxes. Yet how many multibillion dollar industries pay no taxes?  (and don’t seem to die, at least not easily anyway, not if they’ve been bailed out, subsidised, and effectively own half the government) The ones with their offshore accounts. Their tax havens of Monaco and Luxembourg. Take Starbucks for example, they’ve paid no tax in the UK since 2009. These companies can gross millions, even billions here in England and elsewhere, and often get away with little to no taxation. So I guess there really is only one certainty in life, for you and me at least, and that’s death.

I understand our collective evolution needs positivity. Oh boy, does it ever! But, fuck, we at least need to acknowledge this conundrum before we can move forward. I’m going to make a genuine effort to be more positive from here on out. Just so long as you promise me one thing; you’ll start to question; critically, expansively, deeply. As, if we don’t, all of us (or at least the vast majority), we’re done. We’ll be the first species on the planet that killed itself knowingly. Knowing we could have done something. Instead we appear to be letting a bunch of greedy, psychopathic, selfish, fools do us all in.

Selfish fools

We can’t wait for “science” to supply a way out. Something that’s too heavily relied upon by our all too often technocentric society. It’s wishful thinking. You’re kidding yourself… So, we’re going to keep burning our fossil fuels (the ones that are, by the way, finite) in the vain hope that we can reverse or halt this trend through scientific meddling, like pumping sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere as it’s said to have a cooling effect. Which undoubtedly it does to a certain extent. But I assure you this is not enough. This is pinning our hopes on a what if scenario. We’re mortgaging our futures on a chance; a death pledge.

All the while vast tracks of arable land are subjected to desertification, like the advancing Gobi in China, or the creeping Northern Sahara; The continued pillaging of the Amazon with astronomical species loss on all levels; The great rainforests of Indonesia, Malaysia and Borneo are turned into monocultures of vast palm oil plantations. I could go on. (I sincerely wish I couldn’t) Until, what? Every plant is potted and hedged, cut to pieces for fuel? Every animal is either caught and used for entertainment, left to go extinct because we don’t attribute any value to it’s existence, or if we do attribute value to them they are all factory bound, plugged in, producing whatever it is we desire, whatever there is a demand for? Then what? You think technology will somehow save us?

Hey, come on. Let’s not go that far. Let’s stop, collaborate and listen.

I’m serious. You might be smiling internally, or singing ‘that’ song, but essentially, to that relatively limited extent Vanilla Ice is right. Let’s heed the words of the dancing white man; take the time to stop. Work together, collaborate. Listen. Because, as we know, there’s only one certainty, so we may as well tune in a little more. What have we got to lose? Well, everything really. We must use our limited time wisely. No more playing pretend. As if we do, we just may be able to hear our mother ships true frequency, tune into it, and take the first step in creating a better world for us all.


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