Go Down Under!

I had to write an assignment on why I like Australia, and what I might try and tell someone about it from overseas. Ok. Here it goes.

I’m so glad I’m from the lucky country. A whole continent to ourselves. We’ve got a long proud history dating back to the arrival of the First Fleet, and the founding of our great nation. We’ve since built vast cities that tower as much as they sprawl. We’ve welcomed immigrants from all over the world, mostly Europe, but there’s heaps of Asians and stuff too. From the Eureka Stockade to the glory of Gallipoli, from the MCG to the Opera House, from Kakadu to the Tasmanian wilderness. What a bloody marvellous country.


From what i know, our nations strength derives, or comes from, our ability to fully utilise what we’ve been given. I mean, our mining sector alone is one of the largest in the world. The best part is, they’re just mining in the desert so there’s no one there, so we can just make the mines as big as we like, and really make our economy strong. And plus the land came real cheap too. So understandably we’re thriving! Well, most of us anyway. I’d say like, more than 90% anyway.

Some people, like the Greenies (we’ve heaps of political parties here in Oz, but the two most popular ones are the Liberals and Labour parties), say that our countries wealth is a bad thing, because we’re cutting down trees and mining and stuff. but what are we gonna do? That’s just how we do it, and we’ve pretty much got the best living conditions in the world thanks to this ‘destruction’ lol… I heard a heaps good joke the other day about them getting rid of the forest in Tassie (which’ll give you a good insight into Aussie humour), it went something like; ‘When the government was looking at the map of Tassie and deciding who was gonna be in charge of the logging of the forests, they said, “He’s gotta be a Brazillian surely.” ‘ Get it?! Brazillian… Map of Tassie. ha. (In case you don’t know, a map of Tassie is Aussie slang for an untrimmed woman’s nether regions ;))


But our politics are good. We even had a female Red head Prime Minister a bit ago. But now we’ve got Tony Abbott. He’s a genuine salt of the earth kind of guy. He did go to Oxford, but he earned it and was smart enough to go. He’s a life saver and a fireman. He doesn’t mind wearing his Speedos (swimmers in oz), and he’s a dad. He’s a religious man, which you have to respect, and his wife has high connections in international banking I’m told. I don’t like everything he does, but hey there’s no pleasing everyone, right?

If you were wondering about equality in Australia, well don’t worry. As I said earlier, we had a female prime minister. Also we’ve got the richest woman in the world living here. Her name’s Gina Rinehart. She’s just as hard a worker as Tony Abbott. She inherited a little bit of her wealth and then, in true Aussie style, she made a motza (that’s heaps of money in Australian). You can be rich in Australia, or you can just take it easy, whatever suits. One more thing about the richest woman, there was some racket a while back about her bringing in Indians from India to work for her cause it was heaps cheaper, this, luckily, was totally trumped up. So no worries.


So, yeah, come to Australia. We used to have stuff like the white Australia policy but now we’re heaps welcoming. My next door neighbour used to be Labanese, and there was an old Chinese dude who lived down the road. As long as you’ve come legally, like legit, then you can stay. Plus it’d be heaps better if you could speak English, cause other languages can be a bit annoying.

Thanks for reading. Go Down Under!


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