Our Modern Madness

We go for a walk along the beach, walk the dog, have a coffee at the little local cafe that claims to be solely organic and locally sourced, look in the little shops down the main street, go for a surf, play some music; you feel great, life’s good, for us at least… Then you read what’s actually happening and you’re reminded of the sickness, the madness, the stupidity, the ignorance, the apathy, the arrogance. Remembering that it’s not just the way it is, it’s been created, it’s been manufactured. Some call it PR, others call it brainwashing, the government and the global elite think of it as the creation of necessary illusions. Necessary because if the general public really knew what was going on they just might do something about it. Then again, if we cram the truth in amongst an endless stream of bullshit, nonsensical dribble of 24 hour sports channels, Pop princesses rubbing their genitals on some other equally talentless man whore we’re told to pay attention to, then we’re very unlikely to know the difference between fact and necessary illusion.

Anyway, I got distracted… So, we, Australia (at least on the surface) are dredging the Great Barrier Reef to make sure the boats that are towing the coal from Queensland can get through without scraping their precious bottoms on the way out. The worlds largest coral reef system is nothing when you put dollar signs in front of it. It’s world heritage listed, it’s not Australia’s reef to do with as it likes. It’s everyone’s, we belong to it, to mother earth. But you’re right, there’s far more important things happening in Queensland right now, like the evil Bikey gangs that are terrorising the petite bourgeoise neighbourhoods. I think it was Bill Hicks who in one of his brilliant stand up routines screamed “Go back to sleep America!” accompanied with something like, “Here’s 400 channels of mindless shit to watch; Gladiators, Price is Right…” Now it would seem that philosophy has long since seeped into the majority of Western nations psyche. “Go back to sleep World!”


Prime minister Tony Abbott taking orders from the world richest woman, Gina Rinehart.

I had a very well spoken, intelligent, articulate friend of mine just the other day, someone I hadn’t seen in years, tell me he was having a really hard time being back in Australia (he’d been in East Asia for some time), as he was now realising the extent of the malformed collective mind state of his fellow country peoples. He said to me something like ‘There’s this deeply routed colonial mind state, as if everyone’s just sleep walking. No one wants to talk about the truth, about what’s actually happening to our country.’ Unfortunately I couldn’t help but agree with him. I tried to make light of his statement by saying that George A. Romero (classic zombie flick director) could make a great film here, we’ve got all the extras he could ever need. The sorest part about it is that not only is he right, but it’s far deeper than that. We’re no longer satellite nations feeding back our resources to whatever European power happens to be our overlord, we’re now giving it all to a 0.01%. A finite global elite that will stop at nothing to perpetuate their agenda. It’s not colonialism, and I try not to add post or neo to such words, and I’m no linguist so I simply call it madness. “Dredge the Reef? Sure! Continue the destruction of the Amazon? Why not!? We’ve gotta pay back those highly conditional loans somehow don’t we?!”

Again, there’s no point in being purely critical, without offering some form of constructive advice, and or solution. Firstly I’d advise people to look into Henry George and some of his theories about Economic Rent of Land (ERL) very interesting stuff, and something particularly worth looking into if you’re not one of those who are keen on an all out revolution, or hasty evolution. I’ll write more about him later as to try and sum up ERL in a few words is rather tricky. Do yourself a favour and check it out. So I think I’ll just wrap it up with a little word from the majestic Howard Zinn;

Keep in mind, the people who have the power – and very often your so daunted by the people in government who have the power – they have that power only because everybody else obeys. When people stop obeying their power disappears. When soldiers start disobeying the power to carry on war disappears. Just as when workers stop obeying the power of a great corporation disappears. When consumers boycott a product, the people, the manufacturers who make that product are helpless. People have power if they organise, if they act, sometimes within the law, and sometimes without the law, in acts of civil disobedience… All of us have to start doing something, anything, little things, you don’t have to do heroic things. There’s some people who do heroic things, but it’s the little things, and these little things add up. That’s how social movements develop; People do something small, someone does something small, somebody else does something small, somebody else does something small; You get a million small acts and they merge at some point in history into a great force that brings about change.

So let’s organise, let’s take small actions to stop this madness.


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