Boxing Day Good Times: The States Perpetuation of Compliance, Apathy, and Fear

Police walk into the local public house, (this is not a joke) a place of drinking, people milling about listening to some of the local musicians jam for hours on end, a jovial, lively, happy and overall positive atmosphere remains. After all it is the day after Christmas, people are nursing hangovers, or were until they got to the pub and began the swill once more. I have no direct objection to the Police entering the pub, it is of course after all a public house, that most certainly includes them too. Yet when they enter with sniffer dogs, (no dogs allowed in the pub) that’s when someone, everyone, should have, could have said something, done something.

NSW police

Simple compliance, or something more?

What if everyone in the pub said, ‘no, I won’t be searched thank you very much.’ ? The police have nothing to stand on, yet the compliant lovely people of Lennox Head aren’t going to do that. They (the Police) are met with, a ho hum, and the same old response of ‘If I’m not doing anything wrong why should it matter?’ I feel it’s worth while to shed a little light on why it matters; Because every time you comply with draconian acts such as this (Police walking into a public house on a public holiday with sniffer dogs – “just to be safe”) your rights as an individual and as a society as a whole are being eroded. Slowly but surely. It’s this instillation of fear and ‘respect’ for the law that helps create irresponsible behaviour. ‘If we don’t make a rule against it, or make a sign to tell everyone not to do it, they most certainly will do it.’ Can we not be trusted?
The Police eventually moved on, not after some people threw their meagre gram of marijuana out the window, and panicked because they may or may not have been drunk. Now I’ve spent a bit of time in England in the last few years and there’s been numerous times when, yes, I was drunk in the pub, and was never kicked out, I even fell off my chair once, and apologised and was ready to take myself home. The bar man said “What?! Really? This is a pub, what do you come to the pub for besides a good chat and a meet up with friends? You come here to drink.’

Even this stance on alcohol will raise a few eye brows, people who have been bar tenders in Australia, who have their Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate on high. I think there’s nothing wrong with it. So long as the drunk who walks home from the place where you get drunk doesn’t drive, there should be no concern. And if we have a genuine concern for drunkards, then make alcohol illegal as you have marijuana, I certainly know which one to take if you feel like starting trouble.

But I got sidetracked. My main point is, that the more and more we as a nation, not just here in Australia, but all over the world comply and follow orders which may seem harmless, (which really when you think about it only seem harmless and in the benefit of all others because of social conditioning – how many countries and states is marijuana legal in now?) the more readily we will sacrifice individual liberties at more pressing times. Even if those ‘pressing times’ are put in place to manufacture consent (which is highly likely – The fear mongering behind Iran, North Korea, and dare I say it the much lauded WMDs…).

If a Police person wants to search you you can let him/her, but don’t dare say anything to them, you needn’t answer ANY of their questions, you needn’t comply. As of course if there’s enough of you behind peaceful non compliance, what are they going to do? Arrest the whole pub?


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