Inspire Yourself, Apply Yourself, Live.

What we must do above almost all else is keep at it. Some have found what it is specifically that they should keep at, while others haven’t. Yet even those that haven’t found it should none the less keep at something in order to help themselves find what it is that is it.

Within this overbearing, confusing, tormenting and at times entirely frustratingly perplexing planet we only have a few things that keep us going, be they love, charity, or even anguish and revenge. Yet for many of us it is the pursuit of the mundane, just getting by, sailing through, trying not to challenge oneself too much in fear of, well, the unknown. Yet of course it is through the unknown and challenging ourselves that we really begin to live.

I would like to quote numerous poetic or complex theoreticians on the deeply psychological matters of how and why it is that we need change and growth for our personage and how we go about it, but here I don’t feel there’s a great need to. As if there’s anyone who has indeed questioned themselves or their surrounds, which I suspect is a rather large number indeed, they will know the benefits of having done so, and will have wreaked great rewards for their internal honesty and majesty.

For myself the occasions in which I have been afforded a moment or moments of growth are diverse and sometimes rather obtuse. Be they a traumatic emotional breakup with a long lasting lover, a trip to the corner store that went slightly awry, to the stumbling upon a stranger that becomes a great friend or less simply, not “just visiting” some far off place we never dreamed of, but living, working eating and breathing there. All of these moments are mine and everyone’s shared I am therefore not alone in obtaining experiences (duh). But it is what we do with them internally and externally that makes all the difference. We can experience something grande and challenging and new, and as soon as it leaves our realm we forget about it and allow no more than the occasional passing thought about something which very well could have completely turned around our perspective if we’d have only allocated the time.

I say all of this as I received an email this morning from a dear friend telling me that he and his new band River Tracks are to be touring throughout Australia in lieu of his having completed his third album, Summer. This lovely man whom I have the privilege of knowing for only a handful or two of years has done just that; Applied himself to obtaining new understandings on a regular basis and instead of ho humming, and allocating minor thought to these new experiences he has applied them to pen and paper and mandolin and banjo and guitar and voice and numerous other forms of expression. As he has told me before and he states on his website, it has been through his travels and everyday existence that he has been able to turn a conversation with a stranger into art, or a dream of a street somewhere in South America into a song.

This man is Isaac De Heer, and if you’ve anytime at all and wish to be inspired even a little take a look at his website, listen to his songs, and if you’re dwelling anywhere within the vicinity of Australia then you really should endeavour to track him down, go to one of his gigs, and bend his ear for a moment or two. I’d like to think you’ll be pleasantly surprised in every aspect.


Isaac on the ice, somewhere in the world…


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