The March for England


Brighton March for England
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I’m known amongst my friends to have a rather vocal disdain for limited thinking, so when the march for england (intentional lower case) came to my home town a few friends asked me how I felt about it. One particular friend asked me in a off the cuff manner, “did you manage to raise the middle finger to this lot as they passed by your gaf?” So I wrote a small rant in reply to this friend of mine and I’ve revisited it here, slightly revised.

I think I will refer to The Simpsons here as I’ve always found them humorous, but in this instance it almost sums up my feeling about these human’s limited empathy, intellect and global comprehension (which really is the problem if you take a look the base line relation of those who choose nationalism over, say, cosmopolitanism or more simply thinking).  So, do you know the episode where the big advertisements come alive and roam through the city destroying Springfield? No, well that’s basically what happens, advertisements come alive and not only live on being seen but thrive on it. Yet as soon as they’re not seen, or being paid attention to they begin to crumble. Once this is realised Bart and LIsa call in the services of Paul Anka and he writes a jingle to get everyone on board, telling Springfield residents simply, “Just don’t look, just don’t look”, and of course the Simpson kids win the day. Here’s a link in case you need clarification. And this is essentially what I’m trying to say. “Just don’t look”.


“Just don’t look…”

Not that I believe that simply “not looking” is the answer, but looking in the way a large number of decent well meaning people tend to only creates more attention. And in some ways validates their march. What is more unfortunate is the way in which the anti-fascists (as they’ve been called, more often than not they’re simply deeply concerned and active citizens) behave, it gives them, the nationalists, the fascists, the ignoramuses, the people marching for England, still more recognition, and for some a sick form of kudos rises to surface. They’re receiving undue press due to the large number of people in attendance and creating a fuss, which sadly exacerbates the issue. What really we should be doing is ignoring them for their idiocy. Have you ever had that moment when someone just completely ignores you? That feeling of frustration and anger, the sometimes despair that can set in? Maybe when you were younger you did something you knew was bad, but you did it anyway and your parents said to you “I’m not angry, I’m just disappointed”, and that was what made it so much worse. “Smack me! Yell at me! Respond! Do anything but ignore me!”


The EDL?

Maybe you didn’t have that particular experience, so allow me to delve just a little more into something else. This unenlightened chest beating done on behalf of those wishing to Save England, and the ensuing minor incident, reminds of the story I once heard of the Nazis in Holland. The invasion itself was obviously a hindrance to say the very least, and what greater insult to afford anyone than to ignore them? I don’t know the full story and if anyone can dig it out for me it’d be much appreciated, but after a while the Dutch just stopped paying attention to them; Ignored them on the bus and in the street, didn’t make eye contact, if they entered a bar or cafe people either left or everyone went quiet. After a while the officers that had been stationed in Holland lost all moral and they even tried to implement new laws to make the locals interact with the intervening soldiers. This is my rendering of the story of course, I do not pertain to be a historian, just someone who enjoys history, or versions of it anyway.


Poor little Nazi…

So I really feel that by giving them even the finger raises their hopes and makes them feel like, “yeah we’re gettin’ under their skin! Fuckin’ keep at it boys! Those Pakis (or whomever it is they’ve selected to arbitrarily hate at that particular time) are on the run!” In short, they’re sorely misled fools. These people are led astray by their own inability to truly comprehend larger societal issues which is compounded by the counter-knowledge espoused by psychologically weak-men posing as psychological strong-men who are protected by the physical strongmen used to herd a flock of, as I said earlier, men and women, but mostly men who have simply never had the privilege to think for themselves, and we should treat them as such! The anti-fascists however, well, they should know better…

Disclaimer: I do of course understand that by writing this article I may be drawing still more attention to their cause.


One thought on “The March for England

  1. Very valid point you raised, don’t give them attention as that is what they seek. They want notoriety and exposure as they’re generally in possession of some good old fashioned sociopathic &/or psychopathic tendencies. I’d also raise the point of the Hegelian dialectic, the false paradigm of East vs West, Cons vs Labour, Christian vs Muslim, black vs white, fascist vs ant-fascist.

    There is no vs, just another fallacy to stop people from realising they’re being robbed blind and put into a series of controls from which there is little escape. The monetary, legal, corporate and political pillars are the enemies of the people.

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